White-toothed shrews (Mammalia, Soricomorpha, Crocidura) of coastal islands of Vietnamстатья

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[1] Abramov A. V., Bannikova A. A., Rozhnov V. V. White-toothed shrews (mammalia, soricomorpha, crocidura) of coastal islands of vietnam // ZooKeys. — 2012. — Vol. 207. — P. 37–47. New findings of the white-toothed shrews (Crocidura spp.) from offshore islands of Vietnam are reported.The species identifications have been confirmed by the analysis of complete mitochondrial cytochromeb gene (1140 bp). Crocidura phuquocensis is the only species found in the Phu Quoc Island. Crocidurafuliginosa has been recorded from two islands of the Con Dao Archipelago (Con Son and Bai Canh). Theoccurrence of C. fuliginosa in Vietnam has been genetically confirmed for the first time. Crocidura attenuatahas been collected from the Cat Ba Island for the first time, and this finding corresponds well with theproposal that the species’ distribution is confined to the north and east of the Red River only. [ DOI ]

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