Si nanoparticles as sensitizers for radio frequency-induced cancer hyperthermiaстатья

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[1] Si nanoparticles as sensitizers for radio frequency-induced cancer hyperthermia / A. V. Kabashin, K. P. Tamarov, Y. V. Ryabchikov et al. // Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering. — 2016. — Vol. 9737, no. 97370A. — P. 97370A–1–97370A–10. We review our recently obtained data on the employment of Si nanoparticles as sensitizers of radiofrequency (RF) - induced hyperthermia for mild cancer therapy tasks. Such an approach makes possible the heating of aqueous suspensions of Si nanoparticles by tens of degrees Celsius under relatively low intensities (1–5 W/cm2) of 27 MHz RF radiation. The heating effect is demonstrated for nanoparticles synthesized by laser ablation in water and mechanical grinding of porous silicon, while laser-ablated nanoparticles demonstrate a remarkably higher heating rate than porous silicon-based ones for the whole range of the used concentrations. The observed RF heating effect can be explained in the frame of a model considering the polarization of Si NPs and electrolyte in the external oscillating electromagnetic field and the corresponding release of heat by electric currents around the nanoparticles. Our tests evidence relative safety of Si nanostructures and their efficient dissolution in physiological solutions, suggesting potential clearance of nanoparticles from a living organism without any side effects. Profiting from Si nanoparticle-based heating, we finally demonstrate an efficient treatment of Lewis Lung carcinoma in vivo. The obtained data promise a breakthrough in the development of mild, non-invasive methods for cancer therapy. [ DOI ]

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