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[1] Sorption of noble-metal ions on silica with chemically bonded nitrogen-containing ligands / T. TIKHOMIROVA, F. VI, K. GV et al. // Talanta. — 1991. — Vol. 38, no. 3. — P. 267–274. A study has been made of the sorption of Ir(IV), Rh(III), Pt(IV), Ru((IV), Os(VIII) Pd(II) and Au(III) from aqueous solutions by silica chemically modified with nitrogen-containing organic ligands, as a function of hydrochloric acid concentration, time of contact, concentration of the element and the ionic strength. Sorption of noble-metal ions at pH > 1 on a sorbent containing monoamine groups seems to be due to a complexation mechanism, and to an anion-exchange mechanism at pH < 1. With aminopropyl-silica 1000-fold concentration of Ir(IV) and Rh(III) from their 10(-8)-10(-7) M solutions was achieved and these metals were subsequently determined on the sorbent surface by X-ray fluorescence. Detection limits were 10-20 ng/ml. There was no interference from 1000-fold quantities of non-ferrous metal ions and Fe(III). With the sorbent containing bonded diethylenetriamine groups, 1000-fold concentration of Au(III) was achieved, and it was then determined on the sorbent surface by an atomic-emission method. Conditions for desorption of Au(III) with pyridine and potassium thiocyanate were developed. [ DOI ]

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