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[1] Liquid-phase exfoliation of flaky graphite / A. S. Pavlova, E. A. Obraztsova, A. V. Belkin et al. // Journal of Nanophotonics. — 2016. — Vol. 10, no. 1. — P. 012525–1–012525–10. The majority of currently available methods of graphene production have certain drawbacks limiting its scaling. Unlike the others, liquid-phase exfoliation of graphite is a promising technique for high-yield graphene production. In this work, we present our results on oneto four-layer graphene production using various solvents and surfactants from flaky graphite.We suppose that the initial graphite in the form of millimeter-size flakes can be more advantageous for extended graphene flake acquisition than graphite powder consisting of tiny particles used in previous works. Half-centimeter–size graphene films were obtained by depositing exfoliated flakes on an arbitrary substrate. Such films can be useful for electronic and photonic applications. [ DOI ]

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