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[1] Voronina Y., Komissarov I., Sveshnikov K. Casimir interactions between two short-range coulomb sources // Annals of Physics. — 2019. — Vol. 404. — P. 132–157. We calculate the Casimir interaction between two short range extended charge sources, embedded in a background of one dimensional massive Dirac fermions. We explore both the induced polarization density ρvac (x) and the corresponding integral charge Qvac , as well as the Casimir energy Evac and its contribution to the interaction between sources. For sources with the same charge, by means of the novel ln [Wronskian] contour integration techniques we find that the interaction energy between two sources can exceed sufficiently large negative values and simultaneously reveal the features of a long-range force in spite of non-zero fermion mass, which could significantly influence the properties of such quasi-one-dimensional systems. For large distances between sources we recover that their mutual interaction is governed first of all by the structure of the discrete spectrum of a single source, in dependence on which it can be tuned to give an attractive, a repulsive, or an (almost) compensated Casimir force with various rates of the exponential fall-down, quite different from the standard exp(−2ms) law. ©2019 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. [ DOI ]

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