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[1] Emotional creativity as a resource of communicative competence of students / L. V. Tarabakina, E. Y. Ilaltdinova, I. V. Lebedeva et al. // Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences. — 2015. — Vol. 6, no. 6S7. — P. 175–180. Emotional creativity is considered as an internal resource of person’s activity and as a psychological means of successful interaction as the mechanism of a development origin and functioning of communicative competence. The interrelation of emotional creativity indicators and styles of communication of students is investigated. The participants of the research are 100 senior students of Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod universities. Positive connections of emotional creativity and such indicators of communicative competence as priority orientation on the achievement of main objectives of communication, abilities to understand and differentiate the experience, to distinguish emotions of partners in communication, and also to react emotionally in non-standard way in difficult communicative situations are revealed. Negative correlation connection is established with such indicators as domination, conservatism, conformality characterizing a personality as non-confrontational, democratic in behaviour, independent. Development of emotional creativity is one of the problems of improvement of quality of modern university education. The tasks of formation of students’ qualities of the emotional and creative personality and the conditions of emotionally attractive learning through the usage of substantially semantic and active methods of training based on interaction, reflection, creativity are formulated on the basis of the received results. [ DOI ]

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