Kinematic Constituents of the Extreme Head Turn of Strix aluco Estimated by Means of CT-Scanningстатья

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[1] Grytsyshina E. E., Kuznetsov A. N., Panyutina A. A. Kinematic constituents of the extreme head turn of strix aluco estimated by means of ct-scanning // Doklady Biological Sciences. — 2016. — Vol. 466. — P. 24–27. To analyze extreme sideways turn of the head in owls, a total fresh specimen of Strix aluco was frozen in respective posture and CTscanned. The maximum turn to one side was found to be 360o, provided that the head is drawn into the shoulders. 160o of this full turn are ensured by the neck axial rotation (this includes ∼90o twist of the head relative to epistropheus and, posterior to it, less than 15o per every cervical joint), and the rest 200o are ensured by combination of dorsal and lateral flexion. The 15o limit is overcome in five joints in respect of dorsiflexion, and in six joints in respect of lateral flexion. So large a degree of lateral mobility is unusual among birds, and is appreciated as a crucial adaptation to extreme head turning. [ DOI ]

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