Development of magnetoactive elastomers for sealing eye retina detachmentsстатья

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[1] Development of magnetoactive elastomers for sealing eye retina detachments / Y. A. Alekhina, L. A. Makarova, S. A. Kostrov et al. // Journal of Applied Polymer Science. — 2019. — Vol. 136, no. 17. — P. 47425–47425(9). Magnetoactive elastomers (MAEs) on the basis of a silicone matrixfilled with carbonyl iron microparticles are developed foran envisaged application in eye surgery for treatment of complicated retinal detachments. The proposed magneticfixator of an eyeretina consists of an MAE seal placed inside an eye in the area of a retinal break, and an external silicone sponge with embedded perma-nent magnets which can be sutured to the sclera to provide magneticfield acting on the internal MAE seal. For MAE seal development,MAEs of various compositions (containing 52–76 mass% of ferromagnetic iron microparticles) are synthesized and their surface, mag-netic, mechanical, and rheological properties are investigated in external magneticfields. To demonstrate MAEs efficacy as an elementof the retina magneticfixator, magnetic forces acting between MAE samples and systems of permanent magnets were measured in thecurved configuration corresponding to the human eye geometry. It has been demonstrated that the pressure produced within thefixatorcan be varied in a wide range by tuning the MAE composition and MAE seal dimensions as well as by optimizing the size and configu-ration of permanent magnets within the external silicone sponge. [ DOI ]

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