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[1] α- and β-phases of the al-mn-si system / N. V. Kazennov, K. B. Kalmykov, S. F. Dunaev et al. // Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin. — 2010. — Vol. 65, no. 6. — P. 374–379. Homogeneity regions and crystal structures of ternary α- and β-phases based on Al9Mn2Si and Al9Mn3Si have been investigated at a temperature of 823 K by scanning electron microscopy, X-ray, and electron probe microanalysis techniques. It is established that the α-phase is formed in the composition region of 7.4-15.9 at % of Si at a manganese isoconcentrate of 18 at %. When the manganese concentration is 24-26%, the β-phase has a homogeneity region from 3.7 to 18.5 at % of Si and is situated parallel to the Al-Si side. A fragment of the isothermal section for the Al-Mn-Si system in an aluminum-rich alloy region has been constructed. © 2010 Allerton Press, Inc. [ DOI ]

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