Supramolecular Control of Photochemical and Electrochemical Properties of Two Oligothiophene Derivatives at the Air/Water Interfaceстатья

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[1] Supramolecular control of photochemical and electrochemical properties of two oligothiophene derivatives at the air/water interface / S. Sophiya, F. Olga, L. Elena et al. // Journal of Physical Chemistry B. — 2012. — Vol. 116. — P. 1482–1490. Two geometric isomers of oligothiophene derivatives containing two crowned styryl fragments in 2- or 3-positions of thiophene rings are able to form stable monolayers on the water subphase. The organizing of crown-containing oligothiophenes in monolayers is guided by the π-stacking interaction of hydrophobic styrylthiophene fragments and interaction of hydrophilic macrocycles with the water subphase. The difference in structure of oligothiophene molecules leads to the formation of distinct monolayer architectures with various electrochemical and optical characteristics. [ DOI ]

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