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[1] Nesterenko P. N., Jones P. Ion exchange. chelation ion chromatography // Encyclopedia of Analytical Sciences. Third Edition. — Vol. 5 of Volume 5. — London: London, 2019. — P. 155–169. The chelation ion chromatography (CIC) represents a highly selective and efficient separation mode of metal ions, where retention of analytes is defined by the stability contants of complexes formed between separated metals and chelating groups immobilised on the surface of a stationary phase. The main features of CIC include unique separation selectivity, which differs significantly from common ion-exchange selectivity that allows analysis of very complex samples. The overview provides definition of CIC, basic description of equilibria, main types of chelating stationary phases and detection. The final section of overview considers main applications of CIC, which are relevant to analytical chemistry. [ DOI ]

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