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[1] Down going muon rate monitoring in the antares detector / K. Gracheva, M. Anghinolfi, V. Kulikovskiy et al. // Preprint INFN/TC-11/05. — ISTITUTO NAZIONALE DI FISICA NUCLEARE Genoa, Italy, 2011. Large underwater telescopes have been proposed as a challenging method to measure high energy neutrinos from astrophysical objects. In recent years, The Antares collaboration has designed and realized the first detector of this type in the Mediterranean Sea. Muon tracks produced by the neutrino interaction in the surrounding medium are reconstructed from the arrival time and the number of photo-electrons of the Cherenkov light measured by the Photomultiplier tubes (PMT) array of the detector. In order to provide sufficient statistics, the events from various periods in the year must be summed together taking care of the various environmental conditions and detector configurations. In this note we describe effective criteria to group compatible runs based on the effective number of active PMTs in each run.

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