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[1] Oxidative modification of schungites / G. I. Emel'yanova, L. E. Gorlenko, N. A. Tikhonov et al. // Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A. — 2004. — Vol. 78, no. 7. — P. 1070–1076. The paper presents data on the action of ozone and oxygen and argon glow discharge plasmas on the properties of schungites from Karelia, which are the least studied natural carbonaceous materials. The properties of various schungites before and after their oxidative modification were studied. The properties of schungites were characterized by potentiometric titration of acid groups on the surface, thermal desorption of nitrogen, and IR spectroscopy. The kinetics of ozonization exhibited chaotic oscillations of the rate of formation of CO2 from carbonyls formed on the surface of carbon undergoing oxidation, which is unusual for the oxidation of carbons. The effective constants and activation energies of the interaction of ozone with schungite carbon were determined. Ozonization was found to increase the surface area. Simultaneously, the content of oxygen-containing functional groups on the surface grew and their composition changed during oxidation. Glow, discharge plasmas had the opposite effect; according to the IR spectra, the intensity of the bands of these groups dropped sharply, and the specific surface area decreased.

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