Structure of the Al90Y10 Alloy Formed upon Pressure Solidificationстатья

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[1] Structure of the al90y10 alloy formed upon pressure solidification / S. G. Menshikova, I. G. Shirinkina, I. G. Brodova, V. V. Brazhkin // Russian Metallurgy (Metally). — 2019. — no. 2. — P. 135–138. The effect of temperature and the melt cooling rate on the structure of an Al90Y10 alloy after highpressure solidification is comparatively studied by X-ray diffraction analysis, optical microscopy, and electron microscopy. Only the crystalline α-Al and Al3Y phases form in the Al90Y10 alloy under all considered solidification conditions. The effect of the temperature, the cooling rate, and the pressure on the morphology, the size, and the microhardness of the structural alloy constituents, such as primary yttrium aluminide and eutectic crystals, is found. [ DOI ]

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