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[1] Oxidizing intercalation of layered structures / A. Y. Zavrazhnov, V. N. Semenov, D. N. Turchen et al. // Materials Technology. — 2000. — Vol. 15, no. 2. — P. 155–160. he intercalation of the layered A(III)B(VI) and A(IV)B(V) crystals by the electronically acceptor species, considered as the unrepresentative for such structures, has been found. The composition and some properties of the intercalates have been investigated. It is shown, that in the case of oxidizing nature of the guest its intercalation in such crystals is accompanied by a partial oxidizing of the host; thus the intercalation embraces not all crystal, but its separate, presumably, more defective parts only. The correlation between the defect structure of the crystal and the intercalation by the guest species with an nonsuitable electronic structure has been considered. The possible applications of obtained intercalates in electronics and in catalytic processes are discussed.

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