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[1] The fall of slow-speed asteroids on the lunar surface / V. V. Shevchenko, S. G. Pugacheva, E. A. Feoktistova, A. Y. Zharkova // The book of the articles presentation on the Lunar Science Conference (LPSC). — Vol. 50 of The Apollo 11. — The Manned Spacecraft Center in Woodlands The Woodlands, Texas USA, 2019. — P. 1–3600. Meteorites and asteroids strike the lunar surface and surface of other planets and form some circular morphological structures which can be subdivided into impact craters with a diameter of less than 100 m and explosion craters of more than 100 m in diameter. Due to impact of small cosmic bodies the impact craters are getting crushed when they collide with the surface of planets causing partial ejection of targets. Explosion craters are formed out of cosmic bodies that entry into the target rocks so that 70% explosive energy is transferred to heat, and the impactor body evaporates completely. Collisions of asteroids with the Moon cause powerful flares observed by astronomers on its surface already for several hundred years.

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