The Manifestation of Individual Psychological Characteristics of Students in a Situation of Knowledge Testing: Features of Workстатья

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[1] Irina M., Kseniya K., Natalya K. The manifestation of individual psychological characteristics of students in a situation of knowledge testing: Features of work // Proceedings of the International Conference on the Development of Education in Russia and the CIS Member States (ICEDER 2018). — Advances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research. — Atlantis Press, 2018. — P. 168–173. The article substantiates the need to take into account individual psychological characteristics of schoolchildren, in particular, character accentuations, self-assessment of personality, level of aspirations and anxiety in preparation for the examination of knowledge; generalized experience with different categories of children. The results of diagnostics to identify accentuations of character, anxiety, level of self-esteem, and schoolchildren’s claims are given (on the example of grades 9-11 of Smolensk). It is noted that the majority of schoolchildren have subjective difficulties in a situation of testing knowledge. The authors give a psychological assessment of individual psychological characteristics in terms of their influence on the results, highlight advantages and disadvantages. Also, the paper describes features of working with different categories of students. Emphasis is placed on the organization of psychological work not only with students, parents, and teachers. [ DOI ]

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