Ice caves of the Siberia: genesis and morphological featuresстатья

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[1] Trofimova E. V. Ice caves of the siberia: genesis and morphological features // Environmental Earth Sciences. — 2019. — Vol. 78, no. March. The paper is devoted to the first complex research of ice glaciation in the frame work of a huge territory of the Siberia. Different types of underground cavities by the origin of the coldness and accumulation of snow and ice are considered; the morphological types of cave ice deposits are distinguished; the volumes of cave glaciation by the geographical regions are given. Taking into consideration the genesis of cave ice and the morphological peculiarities of cave ice deposits the system of topographical signs for the presentation of cave glaciation on the maps is proposed. The assessment of ice cave degradation during 30-years period of observations is displayed Keywords: cave ice, genesis, classification, climatic changes, Siberia.

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