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[1] A tool system for automatic scheduling of data exchange in real-time distributed embedded systems / V. V. Balashov, V. A. Kostenko, R. L. Smeliansky, S. V. Vavinov // Proceedings of the Seventh IEEE International Symposium on Computer Networks (ISCN'06). — 2006. — P. 179–184. In this paper we address the problem of automatic generation of a data exchange schedule for the MIL STD-1553B multiplex data bus. This bus is widely used in modern real-time distributed embedded systems. Static scheduling strategy is typically used to build a schedule of data exchanges over this bus. We present heuristic algorithms developed to perform the scheduling with optimization of bus load and number of scheduled exchange commands. During the integration phase of the embedded system development, it is often the case that a correct data exchange schedule cannot be constructed due to excessive requirements to communication through the bus. We present algorithms for generation of suggestions on how to change the requirements within given ranges in order to make the schedule construction possible. A tool system for automatic generation of data exchange schedules is also presented, with its structure and key features. © 2006 IEEE. [ DOI ]

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