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[1] Krylenko M. V., Krylenko V. V., Volkova T. A. Development prospects of natural-territorial complex of the dolgaya spit // Ocean and Coastal Management. — 2018. — no. 166. — P. 98–102. The Dolgaya spit is the large accumulative bodies on the Russian coast of the Sea of Azov. Plots of natural forest-steppe and wetland landscapes with unique flora and fauna were preserved there. A part of the Dolgaya spit is a natural landmark of regional significance. Sand and shell beaches of the Dolgaya spit are actively used for recreational purposes being the basis of social and economic development of the Dolzhanskaya resort. The presence of anthropogenic and natural threats impedes sustainable development of the Dolgaya spit geographical complex. Our study is aimed at search of a solution to this issue. Field studies that include the analysis of natural features and anthropogenic changes were carried out in the course of the work. In addition, the conducted studies were based on the analysis of the remote sensing data. An important part of the research were opinion polls and the analysis of urban planning and statistical information. As the results of the social researches show, the most attractive natural factors in the choice of the Dolzhanskaya resort as the place of vacation are the sea, the beaches, clean dry air, steppe vegetation and spaciousness. Negative factors are predominantly social and economic ones: low level of recreational infrastructure and service, poor transport accessibility. The lack of a balanced strategy impedes the development of the Dolzhanskaya resort. Uncontrolled development resulted in excessive traffic and recreational load, spontaneous development, lack of transport and recreational infrastructure and destruction of natural landscapes. The situation is aggravated by serious natural threats. The distal part of the northeast coast of the spit erodes and draws back. On the basis of the received information, it was possible to develop recommendations on economic use and conservation of the Dolgaya spit. The landscape approach in the scientifically grounded organization of the functional and morphological structure of the resort and reservation within the Dolgaya spit will help to maintain and develop its economic and environmental potential. [ DOI ]

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