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[1] Maslikov S. Peter the great's astrolabe celebrates 400th anniversary // Bulletin of the Scientific Instrument Society. — 2015. — no. 124 (March). — P. 10–15. The Winter Palace of Peter I of Russia is a part of the State Hermitage Museum (St. Petersburg). This building holds a collection of objects and items related to the life and work of Tsar Peter, and here some rooms of his residence are reproduced. Most of the collection of Peter the Great's scientific instruments was compiled in the Kunstkamera immediately after Peter's death in 1725 and for the past three centuries the collection has repeatedly been moved from one bank of the Neva River to the other - from the Kunstkamera to the Hermitage and back [1, pp. 8–25]. This article describes only one exhibit from the Tsar Peter's collection of scientific instruments – a planispheric astrolabe manufactured in 1614. According to the extant evidence, this astrolabe was used by the young Tsar in his studies. So far, this instrument has not been investigated in detail. Now it is the time to do it, all the more so because in 2014 we celebrated 400 anniversary of its making.

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