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[1] Maslikov S., Sarma S. R. A lahore astrolabe of 1587 at moscow. enigmas in its construction // Indian journal of history of science. — 2016. — Vol. 51, no. 3. — P. 454–477. The earliest known dated astrolabe in the Indian subcontinent was made in 1567 by Allāhdād at Lahore. The State Museum of Oriental Art at Moscow owns an astrolabe made twenty years later in 1587 at Lahore. An inscription on the front of this astrolabe states that it is a copy of an astrolabe belonging to Mīrzā Bāysunghur. A close examination of the astrolabe shows that there are two different levels in the quality of workmanship. The rete, the alidade and one plate were made by a skilled master. The rest, namely the mater with the geographical gazetteer on the inner side and with the various tables on the back, and four other plates were produced by a person who was not quite familiar with the functions of the astrolabe; these parts do not meet even the minimum requirements of astrolabe construction. This paper provides first a detailed description of the components of the astrolabe and then proceeds to explain the enigmas in its construction. It concludes with a discussion on the possible relationship between the two astrolabes of 1567 and 1587.

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