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[1] Indexing of atlas data management and analysis system metadata / M. A. Grigoryeva, M. V. Golosova, A. A. Klimentov et al. // CEUR Workshop Proceedings. — Vol. 2023 of Selected Papers of the 26th International Symposium on Nuclear Electronics and Computing (NEC 2017). — Aachen, Germany: Aachen, Germany, 2017. — P. 82–87. This manuscript is dedicated to the development of the system to manage metainformation of ATLAS experiment. The main purpose of the system is to provide scientists with transparent access to the actual and historical metadata related to data analysis, processing and modeling. The system design addresses the following goals: providing a flexible and fast search for metadata on various combinations of keywords, generating aggregated reports, categorized according to selected parameters, such as the studied physical process, scientific topic, physical group, etc. The article presents the architecture of the developed indexing and search system, as well as the results of performance tests. The comparison of the query execution speed within the developed system and in case of querying the original relational databases showed that the developed system provides results faster. Also the new system allows much more complex search requests than the original storages.

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