Analysis of the Vacancy System of Restructured Zinc by the Positron Annihilation Methodстатья

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[1] Analysis of the vacancy system of restructured zinc by the positron annihilation method / E. M. Solov’ev, B. V. Spitsyn, R. S. Laptev et al. // Technical Physics. — 2018. — Vol. 63, no. 6. — P. 834–837. We have obtained restructured zinc (high-purity zinc prepared by mechanothermal action of various intensity levels) and have analyzed its structure by the positron spectroscopy methods. Bulk vacancytype defects (vacancies and vacancy clusters), as well as the regions with an extended crystal lattice, have been discovered in the restructured samples and analyzed quantitatively. These effects are responsible for the emergence of internal microstresses in the material, which modify its properties. [ DOI ]

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