Scailing in the Optical Characteristics of Aperiodic Structures with Self-Similarity Symmetryстатья

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[1] Zotov A. M., Korolenko P. V., Mishin A. Y. Scailing in the optical characteristics of aperiodic structures with self-similarity symmetry // Crystallography Reports. — 2010. — Vol. 55, no. 6. — P. 964–970. The properties of diffraction gratings and multilayered systems constructed using 1D models of quasicrystals are considered based on numerical simulation. It is shown that there is a direct relationship between the self-similarity symmetry of quasicrystals and scaling in the characteristics of the above-mentioned optical devices. The degree of structural correspondence between the graphical representations of the geometric properties of crystals, light diffraction patterns of gratings, and the transmission spectra of multilayered systems is estimated. It is shown that certain types of self-similarity symmetry make the characteristics of aperiodic diffraction gratings highly stable to a change in the size ratio of forming elements.

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