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[1] Light bullet supercontinuum / S. V. CHEKALIN, A. E. DORMIDONOV, V. O. KOMPANETS et al. // Journal of the Optical Society of America B: Optical Physics. — 2019. — Vol. 36, no. 2. — P. A43–A53. Some new results of experimental and numerical investigations on light bullet spectra are depicted. The scenario of supercontinuum and light field evolution from odd harmonics generation to the appearance of broadband spectrum and pulse compression up to a single-cycle light bullet accompanied by the onset of isolated an anti-Stokes wing in spectra and high-frequency modulation of the light field is shown. An extension of the dispersion equation for the anti-Stokes band spectral maximum to all known experimental results obtained up to now for light bullet spectra in different transparent dielectrics is presented. The decisive role of multiphoton ionization in the short-wavelength cutoff of a supercontinuum is revealed experimentally, numerically, and analytically. © 2018 Optical Society of America. [ DOI ]

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