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[1] Aspid-sr: Prototype of a vo-compliant, science-ready data archive / I. Chilingarian, V. Afanasiev, F. Bonnarel et al. // Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVI. — Vol. 376 of Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series. — 2007. — P. 217. ASPID stands for the Archive of Spectral, Photometric, and Interferometric Data. The world's largest collection of raw three-dimensional spectroscopic observations of Galactic and extragalactic sources is provided. ASPID-SR is a prototype of an archive of heterogeneous science-ready data, fed by ASPID, where we try to exploit all the power of the IVOA characterization data model. Multi-level characterization metadata is provided for every dataset. The archive provides a powerful metadata query mechanism with access to every data model element, vital for the efficient scientific usage of a complex information system. We provide a set of access interfaces: SIAP/SSAP, HTTP-based characterization metadata query, and Web-service accepting ADQL/x.

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