Comprehensive Metadata Query Interface for Heterogeneous Data Archives Based on Open-Source PostgreSQL ORDBMSстатья

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[1] Comprehensive metadata query interface for heterogeneous data archives based on open-source postgresql ordbms / I. Zolotukhin, N. Samokhvalov, F. Bonnarel, I. Chilingarian // Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XVI. — Vol. 376 of Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series. — 2007. — P. 355. We use the PostgreSQL DBMS for storing XML metadata, described by the IVOA Characterization Data Model. Initial XML type support in PostgreSQL has recently been implemented. We make heavy use of this feature in order to provide a comprehensive search capability over the Characterisation metadata tree. We built a prototype of the Characterization metadata query service, implementing two access methods: (1) HTTP-GET/POST based interface, which implements almost direct translation of the query parameter name into XPath of the data model element in the XML serialization; (2) Web-Service based interface to receive XQuery which is also directly translated into XPath. This service will be used in the ASPID-SR archive, containing science-ready data obtained with the Russian 6-m telescope.

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