The BeSS database: a SSAP implementation for Be starsстатья

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[1] The bess database: a ssap implementation for be stars / B. de Batz, S. P. Le, I. Chilingarian et al. // Astronomical Spectroscopy and Virtual Observatory. — Netherlands: Netherlands, 2008. — P. 89. We present the BeSS database, which contains a catalogue of all known Be stars and a large collection of their spectra of any wavelength and from various sources, from amateur astronomers to professional high-resolution high S/N Echelle spectra. Efficient data retrieval is essential for such a heterogeneous data collection. We exploit the wide range of querying capabilities provided by the recent version of the IVOA Spectra Simple Access Protocol (SSAP) to take advantage of the complete metadata available for our spectra. We present our SSAP service implementation and usability of more precise BeSS queries.

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