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[1] 3d spectroscopy in the virtual observatory: Current status / I. Chilingarian, F. Bonnarel, M. Louys et al. // Astronomical Spectroscopy and Virtual Observatory. — Netherlands: Netherlands, 2008. — P. 125. Three cornerstones for the 3D data support in the Virtual Observatory are: (1) data model to describe them, (2) data access services providing access to fully-reduced datasets, and (3) client applications which can deal with 3D data. Presently all these components became available in the VO. We demonstrate an application of the IVOA Characterisation data model to description of IFU and Fabry-Perot datasets. Two services providing SSA-like access to 3D-spectral data and Characterisation metadata have been implemented by us: ASPID-SR (http://alcor.sao.ru/php/aspid-sr) at SAO RAS for accessing IFU and Fabry-Perot data from the Russian 6-m telescope, and the Giraffe Archive at the VO Paris portal for the VLT FLAMES-Giraffe datasets. We have implemented VO Paris Euro3D Client, handling Euro3D FITS format, that interacts with CDS Aladin and ESA VOSpec using PLASTIC (http://plastic.sourceforge.net/) to display spatial and spectral cutouts of 3D datasets. Though the prototype we are presenting is yet rather simple, it demonstrates how 3D spectroscopic data can be fully integrated into the VO infrastructure.

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