Transparent Scientific Usage as the Key to Success of the Virtual Observatoryстатья

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[1] Chilingarian I., Zolotukhin I. Transparent scientific usage as the key to success of the virtual observatory // Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIX. — Vol. 434 of Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series. — 2010. — P. 179. Nowadays, Virtual Observatory standards, resources, and services became powerful enough to help astronomers making real science on everyday basis. The key to the VO success is its entire transparency for a scientific user. This allows an astronomer to combine “online” VO-enabled parts with “offline” research stages including dedicated data processing and analysis, observations, numerical simulations; and helps to overpass one of the major issues that most present-day VO studies do not go further than data mining. Here we will present three VO-powered research projects combining VO and non-VO blocks, all of them resulted in peer-reviewed publications.

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