Morphological Diversity of Wing Structure in Rhinolophoid Bats (Chiroptera, Rhinolophoidea)статья

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[1] Panyutina A. A., Puzachenko A. Y., Soldatova I. B. Morphological diversity of wing structure in rhinolophoid bats (chiroptera, rhinolophoidea) // Biology Bulletin. — 2012. — Vol. 38, no. 7. — P. 679–694. The results of studies on the morphological diversity of wing structure in horseshoe bats (Rhinol ophoidea) are considered in relation to ecological differentiation within the superfamily. Various skeletal ele ments of the wing are shown to form several groups of mutually correlated characters. The main groups com prise the characters that account for the size of the wing and play a role in the formation of its outer contours. The distribution of characters shows that they describe different aspects of variation and can provide a fairly complete picture of the morphological and ecological structure of the superfamily. The results obtained by means of multidimensional scaling and clustering methods primarily reflect ecological types of bats and only then characterize their taxonomic relationships. Analysis of variation in structural features of the wing within the superfamily Rhinolophoidea shows that the same wing form in different families may be accounted for by different ratios of digit elements, primarily the lengths of distal and proximal phalanges of digits III and IV. [ DOI ]

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