Prof. Anna Fedorovna KUZINA - 100th Anniversary of birthdayтезисы доклада

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1. Полный текст 2018-ISTR_pp_25-33_German.pdf 1,8 МБ 29 января 2019 [Konstantin-German]

[1] German K. E. Prof. anna fedorovna kuzina - 100th anniversary of birthday // Proceedings and selected lectures of the 10th International Symposium on Technetium and Rhenium – Science and Utilization, October 3-6, 2018 - Moscow – Russia. — Vol. 10. — Publishing house Granica Moscow, 2018. — P. 25–33. Professor Anna Kuzina joined the IPC AN USSR, 1956 and worked till 1992 (after coming back from Ozersk). She studied fundamental chemistry of Tc and its separation from spent nuclear fuel. Gramm-scale studies of technetium were carried after the irradiation of Mo in reactors (in Krasnoyarsk). She initiated synthesis of new Tc compounds, investigations in electrochemistry of technetium, analytical chemistry of technetium. Kilogramm-scale separation of Tc was made in collaboration with PA Mayak. Conversion to Tc metal made in 1976-1979 provided Russian scientists with the materials for application of Tc. Anna Kuzina transfered the Tc-cluster synthetic autoclave technology for preparation of several new compounds of technetium.

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