Tectonics and types of riftogenic basins of the Scotia Sea, South Athlanticстатья

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[1] Tectonics and types of riftogenic basins of the scotia sea, south athlantic / E. P. Dubinin, A. V. Kokhan, D. E. Teterin et al. // Geotectonics. — 2016. — Vol. 50, no. 1. — P. 35–53. Western, central, and eastern provinces are recognized in the Scotia Sea. They are distinguished by their bottom topography, geophysical characteristics, and crustal structure, which record their different origin and evolution. The western province is characterized by the oceanic crust that formed on the West Scotia Ridge, where active spreading may have ceased as a result of a collision between propagating rift and the structural barrier of the thick continental lithosphere of the Falkland Plateau. The central province is a series of blocks mainly composed of continental crust that subsided to various depths depending on the degree of extension in the course of rifting. These blocks are separated by local areas with oceanic crust formed due to the breakup of the continental crust and diffusive spreading. These areas are characterized by deep bottom and high values of Bouguer anomalies. The southern framework of the central province consists of subsided continental blocks and microcontinents divided by small spreading-type basins formed by lithospheric extension complicated by strike-slip faulting. The eastern province is composed of oceanic crust formed on the backarc spreading East Scotia Ridge. The results of density analysis, analog, and numerical simulations allowed us to explain some features of the structure and evolution of these provinces. The insight into tectonic structure of the provinces and their evolution allowed us to recognize several types of riftogenic basins differing in geodynamics, age, and geological and geophysical characteristics. [ DOI ]

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