A versatile synthesis of highly bactericidal Myramistin® stabilized silver nanoparticlesстатья

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[1] A versatile synthesis of highly bactericidal myramistin® stabilized silver nanoparticles / G. K. Vertelov, Y. A. Krutyakov, O. V. Efremenkova et al. // Nanotechnology. — 2008. — Vol. 19. — P. 355707. Silver nanoparticles stabilized by a well-known antibacterial surfactant benzyldimethyl[3-(myristoylamino)propyl]ammonium chloride (Myramistin®) were produced for the first time by borohydride reduction of silver chloride sol in water. Stable aqueous dispersions of silver nanoparticles without evident precipitation for several months could be obtained. In vitro bactericidal tests showed that Myramistin® capped silver NPs exhibited notable activity against six different microorganisms—gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, yeasts and fungi. The activity was up to 20 times higher (against E. coli) compared to Myramistin® at the same concentrations and on average 2 times higher if compared with citrate-stabilized NPs. [ DOI ]

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