Evaluation of the Partial Contributions of Components of an Anticorrosion System Formed on a Corroding Metal Surface to Its Integrated Protection Efficiencyстатья Исследовательская статья

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[1] Evaluation of the partial contributions of components of an anticorrosion system formed on a corroding metal surface to its integrated protection efficiency / V. I. Vigdorovich, L. E. Tsygankova, N. V. Shel’ et al. // Polymer Science - Series D. — 2018. — Vol. 11, no. 12. — P. 77–81. A technique for the evaluation of the partial contributions of individual components of anticorrosion protective systems (PSs) to their integrated efficiency under the metal corrosion of any nature in the gas or liquid phase and under the conditions of underground corrosion regardless of the nature of an aggressive medium and PS components was proposed. The contributions of components and their different concentrations to the integrated efficiency of protective systems can be evaluated by any moment of time from the beginning of corrosion. The proposed technique is the theoretical basis for the development of new multicomponentprotective materials, which is shown by adducing a specific example. [ DOI ]

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