Остаток вспышки сверхновой G78.2+2.1 - новые результаты наблюдений в оптическом и рентгеновском диапазонахстатья

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[1] Лозинская Т. А., Правдикова В. В., Финогенов А. В. Остаток вспышки сверхновой g78.2+2.1 - новые результаты наблюдений в оптическом и рентгеновском диапазонах // Письма в Астрономический журнал: Астрономия и космическая астрофизика. — 2000. — № 26. — С. 102–114. New optical and X-ray observations of the supernova remnant (SNR) G78.2+2.1 are presented. CCD H_alpha observations with a Fabry-Perot interferometer attached to the 125-cm reflector at the Crimean Station of the Sternberg Astronomical Institute are used to obtain the radial-velocity field toward the SNR and in its vicinity. The brightness distribution and X-ray spectrum of the SNR are obtained from archival ROSAT and ASCA X-ray data. The X-ray image of G78.2+2.1 exhibits a shell structure (deltaR/R = 0.3) and is generally similar to its radio image; a comparison with the radio map at 1.4 GHz constructed from archival VLA data reveals the coincidence of features on scales of several arcminutes at the eastern boundary of G78.2+2.1. Weak X-ray emission (an outer shell or a halo of size approximately equal to 2 deg) has been identified for the first time far outside G78.2+2.1. The X-ray emission from G78.2+2.1 is shown to characterize a young adiabatic SNR [M_{X-ray} = 100 M_solar, V_s = 103 km/s, t = (5-6) x 103 years], which probably expands inside the cavity swept up by the progenitor's stellar wind. Searches for the corresponding radio structure are required to elucidate the nature of the outer X-ray shell or halo. [ DOI ]

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