Formation of Ray Trajectories of HF Radiowaves in Midlatitude and Highlatitude Ionosphere During Halloween Storm 2003 According to Radiotomography Dataстатья

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[1] Formation of ray trajectories of hf radiowaves in midlatitude and highlatitude ionosphere during halloween storm 2003 according to radiotomography data / E. S. Andreeva, I. A. Nesterov, M. O. Nazarenko et al. // 2018 Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium (PIERS-Toyama), Japan, 1- 4 August. — IEEE Conference Proceedings. — IEEE, 2018. — P. 787–790. The satellite radio tomography of the ionosphere is an e±cient method for electron density imaging in the di®erent geographical regions of the world under different space weather conditions. In this work we used low orbital radio tomography approach to study ionospheric disturbances in Russian sector along Svalbard-Murmansk-Moscow line during famous Halloween Storm 2003. Obtained tomographic cross-sections of electron density served as a media to model the peculiarities of the formation of ray trajectories of HF radio waves during this storm. [ DOI ]

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