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[1] OSIPOV A., GAPONOVA N., DZANTIEV B. High-sensitive visually controlled membrane-type quantitation of nad and alkaline-phosphatase // Analytical Letters. — 1994. — Vol. 27, no. 15. — P. 2899–2916. New high-sensitive visually controlled membrane-type analytical methods are proposed for quantitation of nicotineamide adenine dinucleotide and alkaline phosphatase in water solutions. The methods are based on using nitrocellulose membrane as a solid matrix on which the components of one-enzyme cofactor regeneration system are being immobilised by adsorption. In the presence of substances to be assayed, the end colored product is being adsorbed on the matrix as a result of enzymatic cyclic NAD/NADH regeneration in the active site of the matrix-bound alcohol dehydrogenase and some chemical successive reactions. Its colored intensity is a measure of the concentration of the analysed substances in solution. The general principle of NAD or alkaline phosphatase determination is successive immobilisation of separate components of the system (N-(6'-aminohexyl)salicylamide and horse liver alcohol dehydrogenase) on the matrix by adding their solutions to the wells of a specially designed cell with the membrane bottoms. In the case of alkaline phosphatase, the enzyme acted on NADPH as on a substrate. The reaction product, NAD was detected in the subsequent reaction of coenzyme regeneration. The other components of the amplifying system were added in substrate solutions at the stage of the alcohol dehydrogenase reaction. The lower detection limits for NAD and alkaline phosphatase were 3 x 10(-9) M and 1 x 10(-14) M respectively, the volume of the test sample - 20 mu l, the time of assay 5 min. The working concentration ranges were from 3 x 10(-9) to 1 x 10(-7) M and from 1 x 10(-14) to 1 x 10(-10) M levels for NAD(H) and alkaline phosphatase, respectively. [ DOI ]

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