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[1] Kinetics of immobilized hydrogenase catalysis / M. S. Safonov, G. F. Sud’ina, V. K. Bel’nov, S. D. Varfolomeev // Journal of Solid Phase Biochemistry. — 1978. — Vol. 3, no. 2. — P. 133–149. Hydrogenase from phototrophic bacteriaThiocapsa roseopersicina has been immobilized in polyacrylamide gel membranes. Stability of the preparations thus obtained in the reaction of hydrogen evolution in the system sodium dithionite-methyl viologen-hydrogenase has been studied. Kinetics of immobilized hydrogenase action is discussed. Hydrogen flux values have been determined as functions of sodium dithionite and methyl viologen concentrations and plate thickness. The results obtained are interpreted in terms of a theoretical model of two consecutive heterogeneous reactions. The theory is compared with the experiment; a number of parameters describing enzyme action in membranes are determined from the kinetic data. The kinetic data and the data of other independent experiments have been used to determine the same parameters in order to test model applicability. Good agreement between the theoretical model and the experimental data is observed. Author to whom correspondence should be addressed. [ DOI ]

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