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[1] National innovation systems: A case study of the leading developing countries / O. Karasev, A. V. Beloshitsky, S. S. Trostyansky, A. O. Krivtsova // European Research Studies Journal. — 2018. — Vol. 21, no. SI 2. — P. 713–723. The main aim of this study is an analysis of the world practice of developing national innovation system of Brazil, India, China and Republic of South Africa. The article presents the results of comparative analysis on the level of the development of innovation systems of the countries based on quantitative data. It characterizes the level of development of science, technology and innovation, in the final part of the article, where there is an analysis of the current and prospects for the future development of Russia's innovation system. The analysis showed that for creation and functioning of an effective innovation system, is important and it can be based on the trajectory of the country's strategic development, to competently build an innovative and technological business policy, oriented for a long-term perspective, as well as to create necessary conditions for the development of science and technology. In addition, it is necessary to stimulate market mechanisms for independent financing of universities and research institutes, as well as to develop the practice of private initiatives and investment in the development of innovative activity.

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