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[1] Arkhipov A. V., Däbritz C. L. Hamburg corpora for indigenous northern eurasian languages // Tomsk Journal of Linguistics and Anthropology. — 2018. — no. 3. — P. 9–18. The long-term INEL project (2016–2033), carried out at the University of Hamburg, aims to develop digital linguistic corpora and supporting infrastructure for a number of selected languages of Northern Eurasia. At present, corpora of Selkup, Kamas and Dolgan are being created. The project builds upon existing materials from various archive sources, including the Selkup archive of Angelina I. Kuzmina preserved at the University of Hamburg, Kamas audio recordings from the archives in Tartu and Helsinki, and Dolgan recordings provided by the House of the Cultures of Taimyr Peninsula. All the texts in the corpora are provided with a phonological transcription, morphological interlinear glossing, free translations; selected subsets also bear additional annotations for semantic and syntactic features, information status of referents, borrowings and code-switching. The corpora are intended for typologically aware grammatical research but may also be of interest for a wider audience. A number of satellite information resources are also being developed, contributing towards a more efficient research infrastructure. [ DOI ]

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