Следы сильных землетрясений на Михайловском городище (Керченский полуостров, Крым)статья

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[1] Следы сильных землетрясений на Михайловском городище (Керченский полуостров, Крым) / А. М. Корженков, А. Н. Овсюченко, А. С. Ларьков и др. // Древности Боспора. — 2018. — Т. 22. — С. 115–132. In the paper there are results of archeoseismological study of an antic archeological monument - Mikhaylovka hill-fort located in Kerch' peninsula. Studied deformations complexincludes: systematic tilts, shifts and collapses of building constructions of latitudinal strikenorthward. Building elements of longitudinal strike tilted, shifted and collapsed westward.We revealed one counterclockwise rotation in a wall part which was not anchored. Most impressive and unique is shearing and shifting southward of a significant fragment of northerncity wall. The revealed deformations in the trench No. III of Mikhaylovka hill-fort undoubtedly demonstrate their seismogenic origin. Large number of double walls - original walls andcounterforce ones - krepida's testifies on at least two events of destruction and deformationin Mikhaylovka fort-hill. Local seismic intensity was apparently (VIII) < Io < IX. According tonumismatic founds and fire traces first earthquake occurred in beginning of II century AD,second earthquake - in III century AD. Maximum summary seismic oscillations during firstearthquakes propagated apparently in latitudinal direction which led to wedging of significant part of the northern wall of the hill-fort. Seismic shocks during second earthquakes wentalong NNW-SSE axis. This direction is testified be systematic character of tilts, shifts and collapses of the walls of both directions.

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