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[1] Llodifying linguistic glosses / C. Chiarcos, M. Ionov, M. Rind-Pawlowski et al. // Language, Data, and Knowledge. — Vol. 10318 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science. — Springer International Publishing, 2017. — P. 89–103. Interlinear glossed text (IGT) is a notation used in various fields of linguistics to provide readers with a way to understand the linguistic phenomena. We describe the representation of IGT data in RDF, the conversion from two popular tools, and their automated linking with resources from the Linguistic Linked Open Data (LLOD) cloud. We argue that such an LLOD edition of IGT data facilitates their reusability, their infrastructural support and their integration with external data sources. Our converters are available under an open source license, two data sets will be published along with the final version of this paper. To our best knowledge, this is the first attempt to publish IGT data sets as Linguistic Linked Open Data we are aware of. [ DOI ]

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