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[1] Scalar bremsstrahlung in gravity-mediated ultrarelativistic collisions / Y. Constantinou, D. V. Gal'tsov, P. Spirin, T. N. Tomaras // Journal of High Energy Physics. — 2011. — Vol. 1111, no. 118. — P. 1–39. [arXiv:1106.3509] Classical bremsstrahlung of a massless scalar field Φ is studied in gravity mediated ultra-relativistic collisions with impact parameter b of two massive point particles in the presence of d non-compact or toroidal extra dimensions. The spectral and angular distribution of the scalar radiation are analyzed, while the total emitted Φ−energy is found to be strongly enhanced by a d−dependent power of the Lorentz factor. The direct radiation amplitude from the accelerated particles is shown to interfere destructively (in the first two leading ultra-relativistic orders) with the one due to the Φ − Φ − graviton interaction. [ DOI ]

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