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[1] Esr study of reactive complex-formation horseradish peroxidase-bilirubin-albumin / V. A. POSTNIKOV, P. STOPKA, F. SVEC et al. // studia biophysica. — 1990. — Vol. 137, no. 3. — P. 191–193. Horseradish peroxidase /HRP/ is known as a catalyst for the oxidation of some organic compounds by hydrogen peroxide and oxygen /1,3/. The mechanism of HRP oxidase activity has been proposed /2/ to include superoxide radical C2- coordinated on Fe/III/HRP. Recently we have found /4/ the oxidase activity of HRP in the oxidation of bilirubin /BR/ bound to the human serum albumin /HSA/ but not to the BR. The aim of this paper is the study of the radical intermediates and the effect of HSA by ESR spectroscopy.

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