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[1] Patterns of cognitive activity in a human vs collaborative robot interactive game / V. Shirokii, R. Batusov, A. Chubarov et al. // Procedia computer science. — 2018. — Vol. 145. — P. 495–499. In order to define different cognitive patterns we analyze sequences of human actions in a game with so-called collaborative robots. Since there are complex win or lose game conditions in this game, in order to win, the player needs to cooperate with one of the bots in the game. Each of the two game bots may cooperate with the player or not during the game, causing the player to change his strategy. In this study, investigations of change of behavioral patterns in different rounds and during each round are performed. To achieve this goal, time series event analysis and analysis of associative rules were performed. The results of this study are a few stable patterns of activity, which are compared with interviews given by participants after the game. [ DOI ]

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