Computer Program "Beam Scanning" for Calculation of Irradiation Processes in Radiation-Technological Installationsстатья

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[1] Computer program beam scanning for calculation of irradiation processes in radiation-technological installations / P. A. Bystrov, A. V. Prokopenko, Y. S. Pavlov, N. E. Rozanov // Procedia computer science. — 2018. — Vol. 145. — P. 123–133. The methodology of objects irradiation processes modeling on radiation-technological installations and developed computer code Beam Scanning, which implements algorithms based on this method, are presented. The developed computer program allows to simulate the irradiation process of objects, moving on conveyor of the installation for a given time with given parameters of the beam at the accelerator output and to determine the resulting dose profile in the irradiated object. The mathematical apparatus, calculation method, program interface and some results of test calculations are presented. [ DOI ]

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