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[1] Vartanov A. V., Vartanova I. I. Four-dimensional spherical model of emotions // Procedia computer science. — 2018. — Vol. 145. — P. 604–610. The four-dimensional spherical model of emotions, which is anthropomorphic and neurotropic because it reflects a subjective attitude of the person as well as the work of the neural systems, is presented as a universal measure in organizing the committee of neural networks. The article shows the necessity of standardizing the outputs of individual local analyzers (neural networks, forming the committee) according to the dimensionality and code as it is realized in the motor system of vertebrates. The proposed four-dimensional model can be used as a general classification system for emotional phenomena, combining both physiological concepts of the brain mechanisms of emotional regulation and known psychological classifications, obtained on the basis of different experimental data. As a result, this model is anthropomorphic (because it reflects the subjective attitude of a person) and neurotropic (because it reflects neural mechanisms) and it allows to quantitatively describe and visually present changes in the current state of a person or their emotional relationship. The model can become a basis in constructing a device, based on biologically inspired cognitive architectures, to become a chairperson in the neural network committee. [ DOI ]

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