Search for Nearby Ultracool Compact Binaries in Gaia DR2статья

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[1] Denisenko D. V., Larin I. Search for nearby ultracool compact binaries in gaia dr2 // ArXiv Solar and Stellar Astrophysics (astro-ph.SR). — 2018. — Vol. 2018, no. 1807.04574. The information contained in the Gaia Second Data Release (DR2) allows to search for the unusual objects with the pre-selected properties, literally constructing the stars with the desired characteristics. This work describes the idea of method, its implementation and the results of searching for the ultracool compact binaries within 200 parsec distance. The search in the selected range of absolute magnitudes (M=11..13) has yielded the discovery of both expected and unexpected objects. We found two cataclysmic variables with the extreme IR versus UV color index at 126 and 103 parsecs, two eclipsing pre-cataclysmic systems in the period gap and a candidate young stellar object. We analyze the new variable stars using the data from synoptic surveys and compare their properties to the known stars of these types. Applications to the galactic population density of compact binaries are also discussed.

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